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The Komatsu bucket teeth are originally disigned for various models of Komastu excavators,including pc200,pc300,pc400 and more.They are in popular khaki color,coated with stoving varnish.Komatsu excavator bucket tooth offers superior wearing resistance and can eddectively protect the excavator bucket from abrasion and damage while working in quarry,mining,construction,rock excavation and more industries.
Process Description
Komastu Catalogue
Model  Part No.  Weight(kg)
 PC60  PC60  1.20
 PC100  20X-70-14160  2.13
 PC200  205-70-19570  4.00
 PC220  206-70-48610
 PC300  207-70-14151  7.10
 PC400  208-70-14152  11.00
 208-70-14270  13.60
 PC650  209-70-54210  28.60
 PC1000  21N-72-14290  42.40
Rock Chisel 
Model  Part No.  Weight(kg)
 PC200  205-70-19570 RC  6.00
 PC300  207-70-14151 RC  8.80
 PC400  208-70-14152 RC  15.40
 PC650  209-70-54210 RC  36.00
Heavy Duty
Model  Part No.  Weight(kg)
 PC200  205-70-68260  6.20
 PC300  207-70-14280  9.70
 PC400  208-70-14270  14.50
Tiger Vip
Model  Part No.  Weight(kg)
PC200  205-70-19570 VIP  4.90
 PC300  207-70-14151 VIP  7.50
 PC400  208-70-14152 VIP  13.70
 PC650  209-70-54210 VIP  23.75
Model  Part No.  Weight(kg)
 PC200  205-70-19570R  4.50
 PC300  207-70-14151R  7.50
 PC400  208-70-14270R  15.00
Model  Part No.  Weight(kg)
 PC200  205-70-19570SYL  3.50
 PC300  207-70-14151SYL  5.80 
 PC400  208-70-14270SYL  9.70
Ripper Tip
Model  Part No.  Weight(kg)
D60-85  141-78-11253  9.30
 D85, D135, D155  175-78-31230  12.60
 D275, D355  195-78-21331  188.70
 D375  195-78-71320
 D455  198-78-21340
 D575  19M-78-11341
Loder Tooth
Model  Part No.  Weight(kg)
 201-70-24140  1.50
 20X-70-14160  1.80
 202-70-12130  4.20
 423-847-1140  8.60
 426-847-1110  12.00
Loder Monoblock Tooth
Model  Part No.  Weight(kg)
WA180-1 -3  418-70-13150
 418-70-13160  14.70
 418-70-13170  14.70
 WA250 320  419-70-13113  15.50
 419-70-13114  15.50
 419-70-13164  21.00
 419-70-13174  21.00
 WA380 WA420 WA470-1  423-70-13113  17.40
 423-70-13114  19.00
 423-70-13144  25.00
 423-70-13154  25.00
Ripper Procter
Model  Part No.  Weight(kg)
195-78-21320  15.00
 195-75-21580  225.00
 195-78-71111  20.5
Straight Adapter
Model  Part No.  Weight(kg)
PC60  A60
 PC100  20X-70-14151-25  3.00
 PC200  20Y-939-1180-40  8.00
 20Y-70-14520-35  7.70
 205-939-7120-32  6.80
 PC220  206-70-58250
 PC300  207-70-14142-40  12.00
 207-939-3120-40  13.50
 207-934-5120-50  15.50
 PC400  208-70-14143-50  23.75
 208-934-5120-50  24.50
 PC650  209-70-74140-80  55.00
 PC1000  21N-72-74160-25
Bevel Blade Adapter
Model  Part No.  Weight(kg)
 PC200  205-70-68141  6.60
 PC300  207-70-14142  14.80
 PC400  208-70-14143  21.00
 PC650  209-70-74140-80  48.00
 PC1000  21N-72-14140-90  74.00
Side Cutter
Model  Part No.  Weight(kg)
PC100  201-70-74171  6.10
 201-70-74172  6.10
 PC200  205-70-74180  13.00
 205-70-74190  13.00
 PC300  207-70-34160  16.00
 207-70-34170  16.00
 PC400  208-70-34160  25.50
 208-70-34170  25.50
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