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Caterpillar excavator bucket teeth are made of casting alloy steel,and can be used on various models of Caterpillar excavators.They are available in standard types and reinforced types to suit customers demands.By precision casting and using quality raw material,they offer high abrasion resestance and high durability.The Caterpillar excavator bucket tooth is in brownish yellow or khaki color.With stoving varnish and other surface treatment,the bucket teeth surface is smooth and aesthetical.We utilize hardness tester and tension tester to detect the mechanical properties and ensure the long operational life of our Caterpillar excavator bucket teeth.
Process Description
Caterpillar Catalogue
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
 J200  1U3201  1.45  8E6208/1U4208  8E6209/4T0001
 J225  6Y6221
 J250  1U3251  2.70  8E6258/9J2258  8E6259
 J300  1U3301  4.00  9J2308  8E6259
 J350  1U3351  5.50  8E6358  8E6359
 J400  7T3401  8.20  7T3408  8E8409
 J450/460  9W8451  11.50  8E0468  8E8469
 J550  9W8551  15.50  6Y8558  6Y5559
 J600  6I6601
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
J200  1U3202  1.35  8E6208/1U4208  8E6209/4T0001
 J225  6Y3222  2.00  6Y3228  3G9609
 J250  1U3252  2.90  8E6258/9J2258  8E6259
 J300  1U3302  4.80  9J2308  8E6259
 J350  1U3352  6.50  8E6358  8E6359
 J400  7T3402  9.40  7T3408  8E8409
 J450/460  9W8452/1U3452  12.00  8E0468  8E8469
 J550  9W8552/1U3552  19.50  6Y8558  6Y5559
 J600  6I6602  34.00  6I6608  6I6609
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
J200  4T2203/9J4203 1.80 8E6208/1U4208 8E6209/4T0001
 J250  4T2253/9J4253 3.50 8E6258/9J2258 8E6259
 J300  4T2303/9J4303 5.30 9J2308 8E6259
 J350  4T2353/9J4353 7.30 8E6358 8E6359
 J450/460  9W1453/9J4453 14.00 8E0468 8E8469
 J550  9W1553/9J4553 22.40 6Y8558 6Y5559
 J700  4T4703/9U9703 49.00 4T4708 4T4707
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
 J250 9N4253 4.55 8E6258/9J2258 8E6259
 J300 9N4303 7.20 9J2308 8E6259
 J350 9N4353 11.00 8E6358 8E6359
 J400 7T3403 13.50 7T3408 8E8409
 J450/460 9N4453 21.40 8E0468 8E8469
 J550 6Y2553 31.00 6Y8558 6Y5559
 J600 6I6603 55.00 6I6608 6I6609
 J700 4T4703 49.00 4T4708 4T4707
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
J200  1U3209  1.20 8E6208/1U4208 8E6209/4T0001
 J225  6Y8229  2.00
 J250  9J4259  2.50 8E6258/9J2258 8E6259
 J300  9J4309  3.60 9J2308 8E6259
 J350  9J4359  5.50 8E6358 8E6359
 J400  6Y7409  8.80 7T3408 8E8409
 J450/460  9W8459  9.70 8E0468 8E8469
 J550  9W8559  15.50 6Y8558 6Y5559
 J600  7I7609  26.70 6I6608 6I6609
 J700  4T4709  39.00 4T4708 4T4707
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
 J250  4T2253RP  5.00 8E6258/9J2258 8E6259
 J300  4T2203RP/135-9300  9.00 9J2308 8E6259
 J350  4T2353RP/144-1358  10.00 8E6358 8E6359
 J400  7T3403RP/135-9400  17.00 7T3408 8E8409
 J450/460  W1453RP/138-6459  23.00 8E0468 8E8469
 J550  9W1553RP/138-6552  29.00 6Y8558 6Y5559
 J600  6I6603RP  47.00 6I6608 6I6609
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
 J300  4T2303RP2(RPHD)  7.80 9J2308 8E6259
 J350  4T2353RP2(RPHD)  13.30 8E6358 8E6359
 J450/460  9W1453RP2(RPHD)  23.00  8E0468 8E8469
 J550  9W1553RP2(RPHD)  32.00 6Y8558 6Y5559
 J600  1359600  55.00 6I6608 6I6609
 J700  1359700  69.00 4T4708 4T4707
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
 J225 8E4222 3.10
 J250 9N4252 4.20  8E6258/9J2258  8E6259
 J300 9N4302 5.50  9J2308  8E6259
 J350 9N4352 8.60  8E6358  8E6359
 J400 8E4402 11.50  7T3408  8E8409
 J450/460 9N4452 17.50  8E0468  8E8469
 J550 9N4552 26.00  6Y8558  6Y5559
 J600 7Y0602 43.00  6I6608  6I6609
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
 J200  1U3202TL/9W8209 1.35 8E6208/1U4208 8E6209/4T0001
 J225  6Y3222TL/6Y7229
 J250  1U3252TL/9W8259 2.70 8E6258/9J2258 8E6259
 J300  1U3302TL/9W8309 4.30 9J2308 8E6259
 J350  1U3352TL/9W2359 6.00 8E6358 8E6359
 J400  7T3402TL/6Y5409 9.50 7T3408 8E8409
 J450/460  9W8452TL/7T8459 12.00 8E0468 8E8469
 J550  9W8552TL/9W6559 16.00 6Y8558 6Y5559
 J600  6I6602TL/1078609 33.90 6I6608 6I6609
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
J200  1U3202WTL/1358208  1.35 8E6208/1U4208 8E6209/4T0001
 J225  6Y3222WTL/1358228
 J250  1U3252WTL/1358258  3.50 8E6258/9J2258 8E6259
 J300  1U3302WTL/1359308  4.80 9J2308 8E6259
 J350  1U3352WTL/1359357  7.00 8E6358 8E6359
 J400  7T3402WTL/1359408  10.40 7T3408 8E8409
 J450/460  9W8452WTL/1386458  15.00 8E0468 8E8469
 J550  1U3552WTL/1386558  20.05 6Y8558 6Y5559
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
J200  1099200  1.60 8E6208/1U4208 8E6209/4T0001
 J225  1863010
 J250  3G8250/2085254  3.45 8E6258/9J2258 8E6259
 J300  4T1300/1073300  5.80 9J2308 8E6259
 J350  8J3350/1073350  8.20 8E6358 8E6359
 J400  7T3400/1073400  12.40 7T3408 8E8409
 J450/460  8J1450/1073450  15.50 8E0468 8E8469
 J550  1073550  24.80 6Y8558 6Y5559
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
 J250  1U3252RC  3.79 8E6258/9J2258 8E6259
 J300  1U3302RC  5.75 9J2308 8E6259
 J350  1U3352RC  7.75 8E6358 8E6359
 J400  7T3402RC  11.00 7T3408 8E8409
 J450/460  1U3452RC  14.70 8E0468 8E8469
 J550  9W8552RC  24.00 6Y8558 6Y5559
 J600  6I6602RC  40.70 6I6608 6I6609
 J700  4T4720RC
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
 J200  1U3202R  1.10 8E6208/1U4208 8E6209/4T0001
 J225  6Y3222R  1.70
 J250  1U3252R  2.50 8E6258/9J2258 8E6259
 J300  1U3302R  3.80 9J2308 8E6259
 J350  1U3352R  5.70 8E6358 8E6359
 J400  7T3402R  9.00 7T3408 8E8409
 J450/460  1U3452R  10.90 8E0468 8E8469
 J550  1U3552R  17.50 6Y8558 6Y5559
 J600  6I6602R  28.00 6I6608 6I6609
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
 J250  1U3252SYL  3.30  8E6258/9J2258  8E6259
 J300  1U3302SYL  4.20  9J2308  8E6259
 J350  1U3352SYL  6.60  8E6358  8E6359
 J400  8E4402SYL  13.00  7T3408  8E8409
 J450/460  9W8452SYL  13.50  8E0468  8E8469
 J550  9W8552SYL  20.50  6Y8558  6Y5559
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
 J300  6Y0309  5.20 9J2308 8E6259
 J350  6Y0359  11.40 8E6358 8E6359
 J450/460  9W2451  13.90 8E0468 8E8469
 9W2452  19.00
 4T5451  16.00
 4T5452  18.50
J500  4T4501  25.00
 4T4502  31.00
 4T5501  26.00
 4T5502  31.00
 J550  9W4551
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
J200  6Y6335/9W1879  3.30
 8J6207  4.70
 J250  1U1857  10.00
 J300  1U1877  12.40
 8E1637  16.00
 J350  6Y0469/ 3G3357-1  23.50
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
 J300  3G5307  13.70
 J350  3G1357  16.30
 3G2357  21.00
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
J200  9J4207  3.20
 J250  1U0257  7.70
 J300  1U0307  11.00
 4T4307  12.70
 3G9307  14.00
 J350  3G3357  18.50
 3G7357  19.40
 1U1357  13.00
 J450/460  8E2467  24.00
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
 J350  135-9354  14.50
 J400  125-8404  18.50
 J450/460  114-0464  21.00
 114-0465  22.00
 114-0466  22.00
 J550  107-3554  34.00
 107-3555  34.50
 107-3556  34.50
 J600  119-8604  70.00
 119-8605  70.50
 119-8606  70.50
 J700  4T4704  74.00
 4T4705  73.50
 4T4706  73.50
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
 J225  6Y3224-29  3.00
 J250  6Y3254-31  3.80
 J300  3G6304-35  7.30
 J350  6I6354-40/KT320Z  9.00
 3G8354  9.50
 J400  6I6404-50  12.30
 J450/460  8E6464/1U1454-52  17.30
 6I6464-55  20.30
 J550  6I6554-62  34.00
 J600  6I6604-75  57.00
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
J200  8J7525  1.50
 J225  3G0169  5.50
 J300  9J8929  8.00
 J350  1U1350  9.80
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
J200  4T1204  2.00
 J250  1U1254  5.80
 J300  1U1304  9.60
 J350  1U1354  15.20
 J450/460  8E0464  17.80
 J550  7J9554  34.30
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
 J250  6I9250  13.00
 6I9251  13.00
 J300  8E5308  17.20
 8E5309  17.20
 J350  8E5358  20.00
 8E5359  20.00
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
J200  1U2208  3.80
 1U2209  3.80
 J250  3G4258  10.00
 3G4259  10.00
 J300  3G4308  15.50
 3G4309  15.50
 J350  3G5358  24.30
 3G5359  24.30
 J450/460  8E2468
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
8E1848  23.50
 6J8814  14.00
 9J9600  16.00
 1U0740  22.30
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
9F5124  5.50
 5B6251  5.60
 2D5572  1.50
 6Y5230  1.50
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
 4J8665  22.00
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
E312L/R  16.00
 096-4747/8  22.00
 7Y0358/9  38.00
Model        Part No.             Weight(KG)       Pin  Lock
 9J6586  23.00
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